Supervised Ministry


There are two aspects to supervised ministry that must be understood and completed in order to be ordained with-in the Wesleyan Church:

Denomination Education Supervised Ministry (DESM) and

District Service Supervised Ministry (SSM)


1) Denomination Education Supervised Ministry

Every student must complete an education supervised ministry in either a class or practicum. This requires a student to complete multiple aspects of ministry and fill out the related report.

  • UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE/SEMINARY STUDENTS accomplish DESM through practicum or internships.
  • FLAME/FLAMA/DISTRICT STUDY COURSE/ON-LINE STUDENTS accomplish DESM in the course of their education (C55). Generally the six core classes have been completed and the student has been credentialed for ministerial license. This class is taken towards the end of a student’s educational process.


2) District Service Supervised Ministry

Every student in ministerial training must complete an equivalent of 2 years or 4,000 SSM hours. Seminary Degree completion students need an equivalent of 1 year or 2,000 SSM hours. Where stated a service supervised ministry log must be created stating ministry experience, involvement, date, and time served for each activity. This log generally begins when the six core classes are completed and the student is credentialed as a licensed minister. If hours have been counted for the Denomination Education Supervised Ministry, they cannot be counted here. This is in addition.

  • STUDENTS who are appointed to a full time ministry do not need to keep a log.
  • STUDENTS that are part-time in ministry or on a volunteer status must keep an SSM
  • Log hours must be turned in prior to the student’s annual meeting with the DBMD. To be recommended for ordination the log must include 4,000 approved SSM
  • Exceptions, as approved by the DBMD, may be made for students who are already on staff at a church before licensing. If a student is on staff the DSSM hours may be accepted as logged at the beginning of their ministry.