360 Evaluation – Providing ministry leadership feedback

Name of Person evaluated: _______________________________________________

About This Tool:

Purpose of this evaluation – Provide insight and ministry application to the person being evaluated.

Confidentiality – Evaluations will be grouped together, anonymous information will be given to the person evaluated and narrative information will not have names attached. Evaluations will be collected and given to person having oversight of the 360 evaluation

Completed evaluation – After completing the evaluation, please follow the directions as provided by the person requesting the evaluation. (i.e. place in a marked envelope in the office or mail in return envelope that is included with the evaluation).

360 Evaluation provides an evaluation from those being led/given oversight, from peers and leadership team/local board.  Distribution of evaluations: 3 or 4 evaluations to people that are being led/given oversight (congregational members or church leaders), 3 or 4 evaluations to peers or community leaders and 3 or 4 evaluations to members of the local board or leadership team.  Distribute at least 3 evaluations in each area to be represented.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please evaluate the person above in the following areas by placing a check mark by each item in the column that is most descriptive.
Needs Improving
1.     CALLING: Evidences a devotion to ministry call
2.     CHARACTER: Loyal to Christ & His church
3.     CHARACTER: Respects all people
4.     CHARACTER: Demonstrates selfless service
5.     CHARACTER: Person of integrity
6.     CHARACTER: Is a person of honor
7.     COMPETENCE: Evidences interpersonal skills
8.     COMPETENCE: Effectively administrates
9.     COMPETENCE: Has positive mental, spiritual and emotional attributes
10.  COMPETENCE: Has skills/gifts  to lead effectively
11.  LEADERSHIP:  Evidences influence
12.  LEADERSHIP: Clearly communicates
13.  LEADERSHIP: Motivates appropriately
14.  LEADERSHIP: Appropriate in decision making
15.  OPERATIONS: Adequate planning and preparing
16.  OPERATIONS: Develops leaders
17.  OPERATIONS: Builder of teams
18.  OPERATIONS: Commitment to learning
19.  OVERALL: Total view of ministry leadership
20.  OVERALL: God anointed leader


Additional written comments:




What affirmations would you share about the person being evaluated? 





What concerns would you like to share about the person being evaluated?





Additional comments (i.e. suggestions for leadership improvement, applications, insight)





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