Is God calling you into the ministry?


Is God calling you into the ministry?

 Receiving a call into the ministry is exciting, but them what? How do you answer that call? The Wesleyan Church offers many ways for both men and women to prepare for the ministry, whether you are a stay at home mom, a young college student or you are a retired person.

How do I start?

Download a copy of the instructions : 10 Steps To Credentialing

  1. Make sure you have a “CALL” into the ministry.
  2. Schedule an interview with your local senior pastor. Explain how you feel called to the ministry and how God has brought you to this place in your life.
  3. If you are not already a Covenant member of the Wesleyan Church, join a membership class in your local church and become a Covenant Member.
  4. Should your senior pastor feel you are ready to pursue studying for the ministry, he/she will schedule an interview for you with your Local Board of Administration to consider recommending you to the District Board Of Ministerial Development (DBMD). You will need to have filled out for your Local Board of Administration the APPLICATION FOR MINISTERIAL STUDIES. Open this document up in MS Word and fill it out. Save it under a new file name and email it to your pastor. Your pastor will then need to review this document with the Local Board Of Administration. Once they have agreed to recommend you, your pastor will need digitally sign this document and email to the DBMD Chairman at,
  5.  Once you have met with your Local Board of Administration, your senior pastor will need to fill out the LBA RECOMMENDATION FORM .  This form must be filled out online and it will automatically be sent to the DBMD chairman.
  6. Your APPLICATION FOR MINISTERIAL STUDIES needs to be email after you have received final approval from the LBA. All forms must be submitted digitally and email to the chairman.
  7. If your local church has recommended you to the DBMD you should enroll with Education & the Ministry Department of the Wesleyan Church. If you have taken any college courses, you will want to send transcripts to Education & the Ministry for their review and evaluation of your credits. If you would like to register now, click here: REGISTER WITH EDUCATION & THE MINISTRY. Do not register until your Local Board of Administration has recommended you to the DBMD.
  8. Fill out the North Michigan District Ministerial Studies Registration form that will begin the process.
  9. Every candidate is required to have a background check ran before final approval for entering into the program. The cost of the background check is the responsibility of the potential student. Please read through our SCREENING POLICY and send in a $35.00 check, made out to the North Michigan District Of The Wesleyan Church. The RELEASE AUTHORIZATION form must be filled out digitally and is found by using the hyper link or going to the background check form page. This form will be sent directly to the DBMD Chair and all information is confidential.
  10. . Before a meeting can be scheduled with the DBMD, these forms and applications must be submitted.Here is the list:

Rev. Chadrick Brown
DBMD Chairman Of The North Michigan District Of The Wesleyan Church
15671 Algoma Ave.
Cedar Springs, MI 49319
Office: 616.696.3229