Guidelines For The Supervising Pastor


Updated: 06.23.14

Guidelines For The Supervising Pastor

The oversight of a ministerial student is so important for the integrity of the Church and for the educational value of the student. For this reason, every student is required to have a Supervising Pastor. The Supervising Pastor should be in most cases, the Pastor that is recommending the student to the DBMD, and be the Senior Pastor of the church the student is attending and doing ministry in. If this cannot be achieved, another plan of action will be considered by the DMBD.

Guidelines And Outlines From The Beginning Of The Process:

1. Potential Student (must be a Covenant member) feels called into the ministry.

2. Local Senior Pastor confirms that calling through an interview.

3. Local Senior Pastor schedules a time for Potential Student to meet with LBA.

4. LBA confirms calling and makes recommendation in Board Minutes for Potential Student to become a Ministerial Student.

5. If local Senior Pastor or LBA feels that the Potential Student does not have a calling or giftedness, or would never hire the Covenant member as a pastor in the church if resources were available, the responsible thing to do is to NOT recommend this Potential Student to the DBMD to be a Ministerial Student.

6. If local Senior Pastor and LBA feels that the Covenant member truly does have a calling on their life and is gifted, a determination must be made to what track the student will follow for his/her educational requirements.

7. Educational Tracks To Be Discussed With Potential Student By Local Senior Pastor and LBA.

– Lay Minister
 If after interviewing Potential Student and it is determined they have a calling on their life and a giftedness for ministry, but do not wish to make this an occupation and/or feel their calling is directly related to a specific local church, the credentialing of Lay Minister may be considered. License is issued by Local Church Conference and LBA oversees the educational process and requirements. Please see Discipline 3400 for more specific guidelines. DBMD would not need to meet with Potential Student.

– Lay Special Worker
    Same guidelines as Lay Minister.

– Commissioned Minister
     Must be recommended to DBMD to continue educational track.

– Ordained
     Must be recommended to DBMD to continue educational track.

8. If local Senior Pastor and LBA has determined Potential Student does have a calling on their life and a giftedness for ministry, and desire to be either a Commissioned Minister or an Ordained Minister, a recommendation would need to come from the LBA.  LBA Recommendation Form.

9. Local Senior Pastor will need to direct Potential Student to NMD DBMD  Ministerial Preparation, for them to find more information and for them to fill out the appropriate forms.

10. Once Potential Student meets all the requirements and is approved by the DBMD, Supervising duties will begin for the Supervising Pastor.

– Duties to include but not limited to:
– Meet with student bi-weekly.
– Evaluation of ministry involvement.
– Evaluation of class work.
– Encouragement.
– Accountability.
– Give opportunities/practical experience for ministry.
– Identify areas of strength and strengthen.
– Identify areas of weakness and strengthen.
– Helping Ministerial Student fill out all required forms and reports.
– Serve as a model for Ministry. (What is a minister?)
– Serve as a model for life. (How does a minister live?)
– Discuss Theology.
– Discuss Wesleyan directives.
– Teach sermon preparation.
– Teach counseling techniques.
– Time management.
– Model time alone with God.
– Model Evangelism.
– Model Pastoral Care.

11. Supervising Pastor will be required to recommend Ministerial Student every year to the DBMD. Recommendation Form . If DBMD does not receive this recommendation, Ministerial Student will be dropped from program.

12. Once Core 6 classes are completed by Ministerial Student, Supervising Pastor can recommend to the LBA that Ministerial Student be credentialed as a Licensed Minister. Once LBA approves recommendation, a job description will need to be created by Supervising Pastor and forwarded to DBMD Chairman, as well as the minutes of the LBA board meeting approving recommendation.

13. Supervising Pastor needs to be aware of required activities Ministerial Student will need to be proficient in before they will be ordained. To see a list of these ministry activities, go to DBMD form #5.

14. In the case of a Ministerial Student falling morally, the Ministerial Student will be removed from the program immediately and placed under the authority of the Senior Pastor and LBA. If former Ministerial Student desires to continue his/her education, a plan of action/reconciliation will need to be created by Senior Pastor (Supervising Pastor) and LBA. This process must also be approved by the DBMD Chair. Former Ministerial Student will no longer be meeting with the DBMD. Once a year has been completed from the time the plan of action/reconciliation has taken place, Senior Pastor (Supervising Pastor) may re-recommend Covenant member to the LBA to become a Ministerial Student. If LBA confirms, Senior Pastor (Supervising Pastor) and LBA may recommend Former Ministerial Student to the DBMD for final approval back into the program. The use of the same forms required for a new student will be used. Any entity (Senior Pastor, LBA, DMBD, DS) may recommend that more time is required before final approval is given by the DBMD to be allowed back into the program.

Please know that the DMBD relies heavily on the Local Church vetting people for Ministerial Development. We desire to work together, and need our churches and our pastors recommending qualified and called individuals.